Innovation of the production process of sheet metal processing

Trend Technologies Slovakia, s. r. o.

Innovation of the process

The company specializes in injection molding of plastic components, stamping of sheet metal stampings and at the same time their assembly (manual and semi-automatic). This project helped company to innovate the sheet metal processing production process through the procurement and commissioning of an information system for enterprise resource planning and innovative production technology.

Idea and its formulation

In the first step, it was necessary to thoroughly analyze the current processes in the company from the calculation of the price offer, acceptance of the order, generation of production data and requirements for technological equipment of production. Subsequently, shortcomings in these processes were identified. It was a comprehensive analysis of the whole process, taking into account the fact, that the company is a large company liable to corporate rules.


The Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure (Joint Research and Innovation Program) was selected as a suitable program, with a call focused on supporting intelligent innovation in industry. The complex impact of the project was intelligent innovation.

Project preparation

After compiling the technical task and carrying out the market research, a comprehensive process optimization was defined as the expected output of the project. Primarily in order to reduce the price of final products, increase their quality, shorten production time and increase the efficiency (prototyping). A total of 4 public procurements were involved in this project, of which 3 were for the procurement of new technology and one for the procurement of a "smart" information system.

Project realization

The project was implemented with a strong emphasis on the schedule of activities so that the implementation of individual innovations was seamless and there was room for fine-tuning software solutions. The public procurement was carried out immediately after the application was submitted, so that the project could be physically implemented before its approval. The selection of suppliers with sufficient capacity was successful and the planned time schedule was met. Thanks to the project, the management and monitoring of the production process was comprehensively integrated in the company. The shortcomings of the previous information system were eliminated and a comprehensive synergy of all processes was created.

Project results

comprehensive process innovation (innovated 5 sub-processes)
increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of production
new contracts

Our comment

From the beginning, the project was planned to be physically implemented before the grant was approved. Thus, an application for non-repayable financial aid was processed and submitted, a public procurement was announced, selected suppliers were selected and the project was physically implemented. Once the grant is approved, the non-repayable financial aid will be refunded. In addition, the innovated production process has streamlined the production process, achieving higher quality, allowing the company to accept more orders. Thanks to project, the company strengthened its financial and operational sustainability and managed to eliminate its weaknesses, thanks to which it gained additional room for its growth.

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